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Cultured Marble

Care & Maintenance tips

Our cultured marble is especially formulated for maximum durability and consistency.
Thanks to our ArstarCast Technology, we are able to offer you the most durable materials in the market. Even so, here are a couple of basic care and maintenance tips to keep your vanity or sink in top notch condition.


– To clean, use a Non-abrasive mild soap.

– Abrasive cleaners, such as Comet can cause damage to the finish of your piece.

– Some product recommendations are Windex, Ivory Liquid or Mr. Clean gel for bathrooms.


–  Thanks to our ArstarCast Tech, Our products are designed to withstand pointed weights dropped from up to 2 feet.

–  To remove chips and gouges, we suggest that you contact a qualified service repair person.


–  Excessive heat or drastic alterations in water temperature can lead to premature wear in engineered stone.

–  To ensure product longevity, make sure water temperatures do not exceed 140ºF.


–  Engineered stone won’t stain under normal use with products usually found in bathrooms.

–  Iodine, nail polish, nail polish remover, hair dye, shoe polish, aftershave and cologne should be removed inmediatly.

–  Never leave a hot curling iron directly on the product, as it will damage the finish and discolor the surface.

Need more info?

Check our Care & Maintenance document here for more in depth information

Check our warranty for more information